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Group Mentorship

What do we do in a zoom session?

First, I lead you in a meditative type exercise to uplevel your consciousness (yes, it works over zoom!), bringing more Light into your field. Clients can FEEL it. It's amazing. 

Second, I talk about any channeled messages.

Then, we talk about YOU.

What are you spiritual gifts? How do you use them? How can you hear intuition more clearly? How can we participate in the political system and respect all beings spiritually? What about health? money? relationships? and so much more. We address each person's questions. So much opportunity for learning!


In fact, I suggest clients use the beginning of our session as a guided meditation throughout the week.

Does group mentorship really work?

I was surprised at how well it worked! and it is more affordable for people than individual sessions. Being with other like minded people has huge benefit! We learn from each other. Years ago I noticed that Spirit curated groups for me - the people who would benefit from being together are drawn together. Plus, y'all can keep the dialog going in the Community Section of the AMPLIFY YOUR INTUITION APP all week!

What if I can't make it?

Some people can't! You still get the benefit of raising your consciousness if you watch (or listen to) the replay. We respect that different people have different schedules. This is also the reason for the pre-zoom Check-In form. You've got an opportunity to get your questions answers and curiosities addressed. It has worked quite well for clients over the years! Honestly, far better than originally anticipated.

When and how much?

Thursdays, 2-3:30 pm eastern USA.

$444 per month. Renews every 30 days. Cancel anytime and it will not renew, so you'll be in the group until the end of your paid 30 days.

What if I don't want to talk?

Then you simply don't talk. You gotta be you. We all feel different on different days. Just being in the energy of the group is uplifting and encouraging. I suggest you show up and allow us to shift you, but it is always your choice.

Is there a replay?

Yes, only for those registered. Access for a limited time. This is done for privacy reasons that we all appreciate.

Every group I create is a sacred space. It is an extension of me and my personal energy field. It is a place that carries my vibe, my desire to illuminate limiting beliefs without invoking defensiveness in the ego. A place where someone can be comfortable being uncomfortable, because this is the place to grow. A place of love, compassion, and opportunity. Everything that happens is private and may never be shared outside the group.


And we have some fun too! Spiritually is sacred and joyful.

How do I begin my Group Mentorship?


Sign up through the AMPLIFY YOUR INTUITION App

You can subscribe to the App for the incredible information developed to bring the stubborn mind along on your spiritual ascension, or you can stick with the free version of the app.

Either way, you'll see how to sign up for Group Mentorship. 

The "Inner Peacemakers."

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