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Practice Yoga Elevated to a Spiritual Experience

Nicole Beach Elwood

All levels of experience are welcome, as our session are guided by Light, specific to you needs, expanding your consciousness. 


Nicole offers clients something unique -

Blending her healing gifts and spiritual coaching within a private Yoga session.

The body is communicating with us all the time by how it feels: stiff back, easeful hips, tired, energetic, sick, injured knee, etc. 


We hear the body's cues while allowing Spirt to guide healing, for the highest good of all. 

Light coaching through movement. 

Elevating your Yoga to new heights, to where you want it to be.

We listen to Light/Spirit/Angels to guide each session, everything from the specific poses to what spiritual tools & messages will serve you in the moment. 

Storytelling, ancient texts, humor, meditation, and practical strategies that work in daily life.

The result is a personalized transformative experience.


In short, yes, a Spiritual Coach brings valuable new wisdom and useful knowledge to your life, but is most interested in INNER TRANSFORMATIONS, shifting consciousness, so you can maintain your inner peace while using your spiritual gifts (yes, you have them!) and staying fully engaged in your life.

When you feel and understand how spirit is communicating with you, it becomes easier to trust your inner voice without overthinking and second guessing. Stress melts away. You develop your intuition so you no longer spin mentally.

The world is designed to be a place for all of us to learn and grow, so it will always be an imperfect and glorious mess. Learn how to allow the world be crazy without stressing out or retreating into a cave. Yes, it is possible! and it changes your life. 

Nicole spent her early years in fear of what is "out there." As a physicist, she was always trying to figure everything out, shutting down her intuitive flow. Finally, with the help of teachers and coaches, she was able to merge her experience of spirit with her knowledge of the physical world, and then her growth exploded! Now, she brings amazing, life changing transformation to others. 

Nicole works with one-on-one as well as a group program she developed after years of successfully working with clients.

If you're curious and want to figure out how to live in intuitive flow, we welcome you!


New client start here

Nicole works with clients primarily through online private 1:1 sessions.

She also has group coaching sessions without a physical practice, and an extensive library of materials she designed to lead the mind to higher levels of consciousness. 

No experience or fitness level required! Each practice will be appropriate for your body and your level of consciousness.





See all the options to work with Nicole HERE.


Why would you work with me?

Because, like me, you were not born to replicate someone else's life. 

You were born to create your own path.

That means no one can tell you what it looks like, only YOU can uncover it.

Hearing your guides, your intuition, requires inner stillness. 

Learn to release the mind's grasp on your consciousness and uncover who you are, why you are here, and feel awesome while doing it.

Om Shanti,





From My Clients

You are awesome. You amaze me. You are inspiring.  You guide me out of my super-critical negative self-defeating self-talk into a super-positive loving happy kind state. You are wonder-woman.  I feel amazing after your classes. Even if I'm frustrated, you help me acknowledge that it's OK to be who I am today.  You shine a flashlight on thoughts and ideas that I have overlooked. You bring such an amazing spirit and aura with you consistently.  You use humor that I can really relate prove that you can be fun and also have deep meaningful thoughts all at the same time... She's super-down-to-earth, super-smart, funny, kind and an amazing teacher.  She's an amazing story-teller.  She guides you so gently through things you never thought you could possibly do, think, or experience.  When you finish the class, you will feel like a better human being.


Screenshot 2022-11-22 190825_edited.jpg


Learn to trust your inner voice

Do you wake up spinning about what you should have said in a conversation you had decades ago? It's exhausting!


Your mind is just like a sweet little puppy. A puppy naturally runs amuck, driving you nuts until you train her. She needs guidance and understanding to make progress.


One day, you’ll notice that you are calmer and your brain isn’t quite as crazy.


That inner peace is what allows you to intentionally respond to what is in front of you, having nothing annoying to manage later.


I've created an easy peasy short section of the APP to walk you through it. Yes, it is free!


Other people will wonder what your secret is!

Amplify Your Intution

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Facebook Group

Figuring out how to follow your intuition all day long can be overwhelming.

If you’re tired of questioning yourself and want to replace uncertainty with confidence so you can connect to Source and act on your intuition without hesitation, I want to invite you to join our Facebook Group Amplify Your Intuition.

The group is filled with valuable, proven, high vibe information and amazing like-minded awakened souls who are learning how to enjoy life in a whole new intuitive way.

Come check it out for yourself. As soon as you get in, you'll get access to videos, posts, interviews and more about everything from connecting with angels and guides, tips to reveal your purpose, navigating personal and professional relationships, and MORE.


Spiritual Coach.

Yogi. Angel Reader. Energy Healer.

Nicole was born to learn and share, guiding awakened souls tapping into their own intuition and trusting themselves to incorporate that gut feeling into every decision they make. 

All for a peaceful, joyous life. Imagine what this world would look like if everyone lived their purpose!

Her beloved Teacher gave her the name Dhāraṇī, meaning Mother Earth. 

She holds several advanced Yoga & Meditation and lightworker certifications. Reiki Master. An educator at heart, she taught math, physics, mediation and Yoga for many years, co-founding a project based school for children. MS, MST, BS in Physics.


She voraciously pursues her personal and spiritual growth, lifting and inspiring those around her.  

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