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Do you overthink?

As my gift to you, download my free guide "3 Easy Steps to Calm Your Overthinking Mind." This is the result of years of working with clients whose overthinking interferes with hearing their intuition.

Is this you? Of course it is! You're not alone. And I'm sharing the solution with you. 

Click below to download it, read it, then join my free Facebook group called Amplify Your Intuition for tons of info to guide you along. 

Many blessings to you!



Figuring out how to follow your intuition all day long can be overwhelming.

If you’re tired of questioning yourself and want to replace uncertainty with confidence so you can connect to Source and act on your intuition without hesitation, I want to invite you to join our Facebook Group Amplify Your Intuition.

The group is filled with valuable, proven, high vibe information and amazing like-minded awakened souls who are learning how to enjoy life in a whole new intuitive way.

Come check it out for yourself. As soon as you get in, you'll get access to videos, posts, interviews and more about everything from connecting with angels and guides, tips to reveal your purpose, navigating personal and professional relationships, and MORE.

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Spiritual Coach.

Yogi. Angel Reader. Energy Healer.

Nicole was born to learn and share, guiding awakened souls tapping into their own intuition and trusting themselves to incorporate that gut feeling into every decision they make. 

All for a peaceful, joyous life. Imagine what this world would look like if everyone lived their purpose!

Her beloved Teacher gave her the name Dhāraṇī, meaning Mother Earth. 

She holds several advanced Yoga & Meditation, and lightworker certifications. Reiki II practitioner. Co-founder of Underground Yoga Studio and Online. An educator at heart, she taught math, physics, mediation and Yoga for many years, co-founding a project based school for children. MS, MST, B.S in Physics.

She voraciously pursues her personal and spiritual growth, lifting and inspiring those around her.  



From My Clients


I think we all see Nicole as a friend (one of us) who’s teaching the class.... But please do not misinterpret this lightheartedness—Nicole is a sweet vessel delivering provoking spiritual as well as every day messages. The best teachers are those who understand the concept so well that their explanations seems simple and so logical. That teacher is Nicole! She does the work and then delivers to us.

Helene O.


Delaware Water Gap, PA

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